PCOS keeps me dieting and I keep failing.

PCOS keeps me dieting and I keep failing.

Have you dieted for you whole life? Are you looking for a way to help manage your health or a health condition, are being told that dieting and weight loss are the answer, but don’t feel that’s the right path for you? Listen now for some new options for better health.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Dieting leads to bingeing!
  • Diets don’t work… but doctors still prescribe dieting to “help” with all kinds of health conditions. What gives?
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): A super common endocrine disorder that often is “treated” with dieting. But there are other ways!
  • Dieting is the GREATEST predictor of weight gain and developing an eating disorder.
  • There seems to be some connection between eating disorders and PCOS… but there isn’t enough research out there to figure out why!
  • PCOS symptoms: Hormonal disregulation that affects ovulation, hunger/cravings, hair growth changes, central adiposity, high insulin levels, weight gain. Many of these symptoms impact body image in a negative way!
  • People in fat bodies can suffer from anorexia!!
  • Symptom changes/increases means intervention is needed… but it’s not the time to blame the individual! It’s time to manage the PCOS differently.
  • Be aware of the more uncommon side effects of PCOS (eating disorders, ADD, constipation etc).
  • PCOS is HIGHLY genetically influenced, and there are individuals with PCOS in smaller bodies… so what do doctors tell clients with PCOS to do when they are in a smaller body?? (This question applies to ALL medical intervention suggestions.)
  • Healthcare providers can be extremely fatphobic… advocate for yourself!!
  • If you have PCOS and your cravings are increasing, look into changing up your medication or increasing that amount of protein in your diet.
  • Keep an eye on which foods energize you and which foods drain you!
  • Try incorporating movement into your life, and make sure you have enough food fueling your body to support that movement.
  • Get enough sleep!! Sleep is SO important for an all-around health-promoting routine. Turn off your screens!

Show Notes:

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