Do I stay fit or happy? {with Rosie Molinary}

Do I stay fit or happy? {with Rosie Molinary}

Do you struggle with body image? Are you trying to find body peace, and to let go of body expectations? Listen now for some experiments to get through this part of the food peace journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Making peace with food comes down to accepting ourselves! This includes accepting our needs and accepting the space we take up in the world.
  • Our bodies are NOT meant to be controlled!! They will change constantly as we get older.
  • Rosie Molinary joins to talk about body image!
  • We ALL have something unique to offer the world.
  • So much of our pain is related to our lack of awareness around our own self-worth. We are all fighting for our worth!
  • Remember, our worth isn’t rooted in our appearance. So how do we find our worthiness outside of our earth suit? We must remind ourselves that we are worthy simply by EXISTING!
  • We pour energy and money into how we physically look in order to feel accepted… but this removes resources from experiences in our lives that might have the potential to EMPOWER us instead of disempower us.
  • Diet culture and the beauty ideal PROFIT off of our insecurities.
  • Self-acceptance is a journey!!
  • All experiences are moments of information, rather than moments for judgment. Get curious!
  • Unpack the internalized messages we have been taught about appearance and self-worth.
  • We have to accept that our bodies ALWAYS change… so we can’t attach our worth to one stagnant version of our bodies, because that will always be in flux.
  • Imperfect cannot exist if there’s no “perfect” in the first place… resist messaging around “effortless” perfection!
  • The images we see of our world in the media are NOT REAL!
  • We have to anchor our faith and belief in ourselves to how we FEEL, rather than how we look.
  • Shaming ourselves NEVER works! It’s actually very damaging, and it’s not health promoting… we have to operate from a place of self-acceptance instead.
  • Remember, self-acceptance doesn’t mean that you don’t want to grow in some way. But it does assert your worthiness RIGHT NOW, no matter what growth you achieve down the line.
  • We’re the experts of our own bodies!
  • Self-acceptance is a super ACTIVE process.
  • How do we give ourselves what we need every single day?

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