I can’t control what I eat. {Ep 085}

I can’t control what I eat. {Ep 085}

Have you been struggling with a complicated relationship with food for many years? Do you feel anger with your experience, and resentment towards food? Listen now to hear some experiments to resolve this food peace issue.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Recovering from an eating disorder is SO different than recovery from an addiction… we NEED food! So how do we figure out how to navigate something that we struggle with, but that we have to engage with on a daily basis?
  • When we struggle with an eating disorder, food becomes the central focus of the brain. When we pursue recovery, it’s no wonder that food is still on our minds! We have to retrain our brain, and rewire it so that over time, it stops obsessing over the food.
  • Lean into the resentment, anger, and exhaustion! These emotions are present for a reason. Ask yourself, who DESERVES this resentment and anger? This resentment and anger should be directed at our cultural expectations for the human body and for womanhood.
  • Food is there to NOURISH us, not punish us.
  • Recovery from an eating disorder is HARD WORK, and it’s made harder by the fact that our culture still needs to recover from its own eating disorder. You keep getting mixed messages!
  • We HAVE to feel our feelings, and examine them to figure out what their messages are for us… otherwise they’ll keep resurfacing.
  • Even when things feel hard, remember that you are STILL moving forward.
  • Work with a therapist to help you muddle through this stage!
  • Some practical advice: keep some easy, low-prep, go-to foods on hand at all times! Use these foods when you need a break, but you still want to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need.
  • Food’s important, but it’s not everything. It doesn’t have to always be the most pleasurable or nourishing experience… it can just be food!
  • Food might become boring. That’s normal! Try to schedule a meal or snack once a week that you eat with someone else to help support you through this stage.
  • Food is a connector!
  • Food is not supposed to be thought about all the time. Instead, it’s a part of our lives, and our relationships should be taking central focus.

Show Notes:

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