My mom hates her body and I do too {Ep 87 with Summer Innanen}

My mom hates her body and I do too {Ep 87 with Summer Innanen}

Have you hit diet rock bottom? Are you struggling with internalized fatphobia? Do you desperately want to find food peace, but still feel stuck? Listen now for some solutions to these hurdles.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Diets don’t work for ANYONE! “Success” with diets is not the typical experience. So, now what?
  • Body image coach Summer Innanen joins to give us her insight!
  • Summer’s body image coaching program, You, On Fire
  • Leaving the food rules behind can be really hard when you haven’t built up your intuitive skills to know what you need to eat and how you need to move to feel good in your body.
  • Breaking out of the diet box can be scary!!
  • The transition from dieting to intuitive eating can be long and hard and awkward!
  • What are your next steps? Get rid of the scale and any trackers that make you hyper aware of your body size. You need to tune into what your body needs, not what your body looks like!
  • Go out and find clothes that help you to NOT think about your body and to help you to not fixate on any physical changes that might happen during this process.
  • When you start eating in a non-restricted way, you will probably start eating A LOT more than you think you should! You’ve been undernourished for so long, and your body needs to catch up. Plus, our perception of how much food we need to function like a normal human is SO skewed! Give yourself permission to eat as much as your body tells you to, even if it feels like too much, and be as compassionate as possible during the process.
  • You can’t force balance!! It’s about mental and physical wellbeing, and should be measured throughout your lifetime, rather than in short time spans. You can only see it in hindsight!
  • This is a process of UNLEARNING diet culture, and learning the language of body trust and intuition.
  • The whole world reinforces diet culture, and that makes this process even harder!
  • Food is food, and it doesn’t deserve the power that we give it.
  • Body acceptance and exploring what your body size means to you is key! Still not liking your body is okay, but coming to a place of body neutrality can be so healing. The goal is just to not think about our body on a consistent basis!
  • We are untamable! Live your life outside of the diet cage.

Show Notes:

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