My chronic illness keeps me from making peace with food. {Ep 88 with Elyse Resch}

My chronic illness keeps me from making peace with food. {Ep 88 with Elyse Resch}

Are you trying to find food peace, while also struggling with a chronic illness that requires food restriction of some kind? Do you have fear around certain foods making you sick? Have you struggled with the deprivation and binge cycle? Listen now for some strategies to tackle these food peace challenges.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Elyse Resch joins to talk about intuitive eating!
  • We all are the experts of our own bodies.
  • Feelings of betrayal from food and your body can make finding body trust and connecting with your internal wisdom that much harder.
  • Have self-compassion and gratitude for what our bodies CAN do!
  • Let’s shift our thinking… instead of listing all the foods you CAN’T eat when you struggle with something like celiac disease, figure out all the foods you CAN eat.
  • Intuitive eating isn’t JUST about flavor (Elyse calls it “the tongue”)! It’s also about tuning into how we FEEL when we eat certain foods.
  • Intuitive eating is a combination of instinct, feeling, and thought!
  • How do we use our body, education, taste, and intellect to help guide us in our choices?
  • Healthy eating includes pleasure and satisfaction!!
  • If we don’t honor our hunger, we’ll put ourselves in a situation where we’re ravenous, and then we can’t find satisfaction in our food. Likewise, if we eat without hunger present, food just doesn’t taste as good! It’s all about finding the middle ground with hunger.
  • Feelings of deprivation lead directly to bingeing!
  • Shifting our mentality can open the door to profound healing.
  • Dieting doesn’t work!!
  • Lean into compassion… whatever we’ve done, we’ve done it because it’s what we thought we needed to do at the time. It was a way to cope! We can’t get mad at ourselves for doing our very best, even if it didn’t turn out to be a sustainable path for progress.
  • Come from a place of curiosity, rather than judgment.

Show Notes:

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