I’m recovering yet fat so why do I have to eat so much? {Ep 92}

I’m recovering yet fat so why do I have to eat so much? {Ep 92}

Does the journey to food peace just feel too long? Have you been struggling to the point that it feels like it’s time to give up? Does thinking about food just make you tired? Are you struggling to make sure you eat enough every day? Listen now for some insight into this part of the food peace journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Food can be boring. Sometimes eating can be a chore, and eating decisions can be exhausting, especially in recovery.
  • Permission, self-care, and just “being” are things that the recovery journey forces us to get familiar with. But they can be challenging, and this boredom and exhaustion around food can be a sign that you are struggling with those parts of food peace.
  • Recovery is like an upward spiral… it can sometimes feel like you’re going backwards, but that just means you’re about to make a breakthrough.
  • Continue to work on grounding yourself in ALL aspects our your life, not just with food! Use a barometer check to check in with your body throughout the day. Do you feel tired, anxious, or unhappy?
  • Remember, eating disorders are NOT about the food! It’s an indicator to us that a need isn’t being met.
  • What is our body trying to tell us???
  • Our brains have neuroplasticity!! This means we can change our brains to alter our habits.
  • Remember self-compassion in this process! Eventually, your mind and body will reconnect on its own.
  • Sometimes the exhaustion is related to decision fatigue. Try to conserve your energy for the important, life altering questions!
  • How are our experiences with food replicating our experience in other areas of our lives?
  • Try CBT in conjunction with this embodiment practice!
  • Remember, you may not always have the answer… and that’s okay!!

Show Notes:

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