How do I stop obsessing about food? {Ep 094 with Jessica Setnick}

How do I stop obsessing about food? {Ep 094 with Jessica Setnick}

Do you struggle with making peace with physical movement, or are you using it to compensate for eating behaviors? Are you struggling with how to get started, and feeling paralyzed? Listen now for some expert tips on these food peace struggles.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Are you headed to BEDA the first weekend in November? I’m presenting! Come find me so I can give you a FREE gift 🙂
  • You are NOT alone!!
  • Jessica Setnick joins us to offer her eating disorder recovery and food peace expertise.
  • If we were more open about our food peace struggles, we’d probably find that many people around us are ALSO struggling with diet culture and disordered eating… we need to promote sharing our experiences as a safe option to find support.
  • Sometimes being a smart, self-aware person puts us in a situation of paralysis by analysis! Reach out for support with the appropriate professionals, either in-person or virtually, as the first step to getting out of our own head.
  • Even if we think we know what to eat already, seeing a dietitian is KEY! They can help us break down our own unhelpful thought processes or behaviors.
  • Work on the perfectionism, and work with a dietitian to brainstorm solutions to your individual struggles or roadblocks.
  • What even is an eating disorder dietitian?? They’re often more in tune with the connection between food and anxiety or food and emotions. Find the expert who’s going to really help you with recovery!!
  • You might go through withdrawal if you struggle with exercise addition or compulsion, so seek out a psychiatrist if there’s a need for an evaluation for medication.
  • Being unable to change a pattern doesn’t mean you’re not trying!! It means that the pattern is so, so strong, and may actually be related to your brain chemistry. This is why getting help from a team of EXPERTS is so crucial, so that they can help you figure out what’s really going on.
  • New eyes can help you move forward!

Show Notes:

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