I have to diet with PCOS…right?!? Let’s explore PCOS + Food Peace.

I have to diet with PCOS…right?!? Let’s explore PCOS + Food Peace.

What is Food Peace™ in the context of struggling with PCOS? Listen now to hear my PCOS and Food Peace Manifesto.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • What IS Food Peace™ and PCOS anyway? What if we’ve been told to eat this, not that, in order to manage our PCOS? How do we move away from that kind of thinking?
  • Do some of us end up engaging in anorexia nervosa trying to manage our PCOS? Yes! Especially if we’re in larger bodies.
  • People in larger bodies are urged to practice eating behaviors that we diagnose as disordered in smaller bodies… this is a problem! It also points to how fatphobic our society is.
  • Dieting increases inflammation, which is one of the biggest issues with PCOS.
  • At least one in ten women suffer from PCOS, but there’s minimal research funding for it. We need to get more information on this condition!
  • So what’s Food Peace™? Food Peace is coming to terms that diets don’t work for you, and understanding that diets are the failure, not you.
  • It’s time to find a new way to eat, and listen to your bodies for the answers! Women with PCOS have a different kind of communication with their body, and it’s my job to guide you through learning that mode of communication.
  • If you’re in a place where you’re struggling to manage your PCOS, you may feel like you’re ALWAYS hungry. The Food Peace process is about reconnecting with your intuitive self and learning what that feeling of being always hungry really means.
  • Dieting predicts weight gain and eating disorders, and intuitive eating leads to positive health outcomes. So really, which one is better for our health?
  • Here’s my PCOS and Food Peace Manifesto:
    • You didn’t cause your PCOS!
    • Diets failed, not you! Diets are a form of restriction, so it’s no wonder you feel like you can’t control yourself around food.
    • Your weight doesn’t define your health or your worth.
    • Your PCOS has its own language.
    • Notice what helps energize you, and what doesn’t.
    • Self-care matters, and so does advocacy.
  • 25% of our health is due to behaviors, and 75% of our health are determined by social determinants of health and our genetics… this means that stigma and discrimination have a HUGE impact on our health! Specifically, weight stigma contributes to inflammation and poor health due to the fight or flight response.
  • There are SO many of us out there ready to help you fight weight stigma in PCOS healthcare. Come join us!

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