The Worst Diets for PCOS

The Worst Diets for PCOS

Are you or is someone you know affected by PCOS? I have some bonus episodes for you! Listen now for the first bonus episode all about which diets are the WORST for PCOS management.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • The primary treatment for PCOS is dieting… but diets don’t work long-term! So what do we do?
  • We’re going to look at three different diets and break down why they don’t work for PCOS management…
    • Low-calorie diets: if you have PCOS, reducing calories below a certain point promotes inflammation, which is ultimately super harmful for our health, contributes to extreme exhaustion, drives up insulin levels, and encourages weight gain in the long-term.
    • The Keto diet: Keto diets promote a low-carb, low-fat, low-protein eating style, and if you have PCOS, you need more protein in your diet than the average person! Plus, there’s ZERO published research looking at folks trying Keto plans who also are managing PCOS. The majority of the research also doesn’t look any further than 4-6 weeks, which isn’t long enough to claim long-term weight-loss success!! Long-term, Keto is going to promote weight gain and obsession over your food choices (which can ultimately lead to eating disorder behavior!!).
    • Weight Watchers: WW is similar to the low-calorie meal plan, but it may actually be the WORST for PCOS! That’s because it’s super accessible, and it co-opts body-positive language to pretend it’s not a diet. Plus, they encourage low-fat and low-protein consumption, and remember, if you struggle with PCOS, you need more protein!! Less protein contributes to fatigue! Plus, WW has done their very own diet research that shows that 80% of their participants regain the weight within two years (and it’s probably higher than that!).
  • You deserve a recommendation that’s going to be health-promoting in the long term. So what do you do?? Any kind of style of eating that you’re doing should promote energy and make room for connection with family and friends. You should also make sure to choose something that has been shown to work long-term through the research (including through your personal evidence!).
  • The number one predictor of weight gain is dieting, and the more we diet, the more we gain! But this is NOT your fault!! You’ve been given the wrong tools.
  • Letting go of dieting is NOT letting yourself go… it’s letting yourself BE.
  • Wondering how to promote health with PCOS without dieting? Tune into the next Love, Food bonus episode to find out!

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