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What if you could write a letter to Food? Pen to paper, you hash out the love/hate relationship and Food’s undeserving power. Details go back years, to your first childhood diet trying to fit in. In this letter, you examine your dusty Food beliefs and wonder which go in the trash, are for others, and which remain in your heart. What if you wrote this all down and Food wrote you back? This is Love, Food. It’s a weekly podcast series for those with a complicated relationship with Food hoping to rewrite their fate. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

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(228) I still want to lose weight (Intuitive Eating Series with Kirsten Ackerman)

Have you been walking your Food Peace Journey™️ for awhile singing anti-diet praises yet suffer in secret? Do you call yourself body positive yet find yourself fantasizing about losing weight? This is an isolating space yet you are not alone. We have options to explore. Listen as guest expert Kirsten Ackerman describes ways to navigate…

(227) I can’t stop eating (Intuitive Eating Series with Evelyn Tribole)

Ever feel like intuitive eating is not for you? Think it is taking way too long and you are still stuck in a cycle of rebellious eating and body hate? We don’t think you are doing it wrong. Listen to the latest Love Food Podcast with Intuitive Eating co-author Evelyn Tribole as we sort through…

(226) How do I live with body changes? (PCOS series with Shira Rosenbluth)

We are concluding the PCOS podcast series with a letter from someone moving along their Food Peace Journey in a different body. Things feel different–they can’t cross their legs and breathe differently. Therapist and fashion blogger Shira Rosenbluth joins as a guest expert to share her clinical wisdom and lived experience in her own recovery–both…

(225) My coworker keeps talking about diets (PCOS Series with Laura Burns)

We see you exhausted trying to swim upstream against diet culture. Do you work or live with someone who is hard core into dieting and just won’t shut up about it? Have you told them to stop and they keep at it anyway? We made this episode for you. Join this latest episode of the…

(224) Navigating Food Peace even if you’ve hated your body since childhood (PCOS Series with Nina Mills)

Are you coming to terms with the fact that diets don’t work for most people–yourself included? And yet every cell in your body feels repulsed with the idea of body acceptance? If you’ve been riding that diet roller coaster for as long as you can remember and want OFF you have come to the right…

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