Must I love my body to move toward Food Peace. No, you don’t.

Julie Dillon

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Must I love my body to move toward Food Peace. No, you don’t.

Respect does not require body acceptance or body love.

It is ok if you are not in a place where you love everything or anything about your body.

Rather, what if you focused on treating your body as worthy of healing?

I believe in time acceptance will come and body love will happen as more people experience this same body respect.

I have been blogging the last 2 months on the first step toward Food Peace™, Respect. The next few months I will be blogging on step 2: Release.

Keep in mind, our Food Peace journey is not linear nor on a timeline. I see the journey more like layers that need tending to. The layers build upon each other yet our fat phobic culture will try to break the layers apart. The layers are at even more risk if you live in a body that is marginalized in today’s world. This part of our existence means that we need to be attending to all the layers, even those which we may feel we already “completed” to be sure our needs are met.

I hope you become more gentle with your need for patience and compassion on your journey.

When you are ready, it is time to move on to the second step: Release. If you are not ready, keep rereading my blog’s discussions on diet failings and size acceptance. Click here to re-read my blogs on Food Peace’s first layer, Respect or here to re-read the 6 keys to Food Peace.

Another note: If you still do not feel ready, you may not be at diet rock bottom and need more time to experience diets to know they don’t work for you. My blog will always be there when you are ready. It is ok to take a break and revisit later. Until then, I will wait patiently.

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