New Client FAQ

What happens at appointments?

Within a compassionate and nonjudgmental space, Julie will meet with you to discuss your PCOS physical and emotional health goals. An initial assessment will help the two of you collect data to determine what you want most out of the meetings. Subsequent sessions will be supportive and encouraging to help you find tools that promote well-being and power while living with PCOS.

Who does Julie work with?

  • People with PCOS at diet rock bottom wanting to learn Intuitive Eating, attuned eating, non-diet, or Health at Every Size® strategies.
  • Those who describe their eating as emotional or stress-based eating while living with PCOS.
  • People with PCOS who consider themselves a food addict.
  • Dietitians or dietitians-in-training hoping to do their own attuned eating work.
  • Counselors or counselors-in-training hoping to do their own attuned eating work.

What are the session packages?

  • 3 one hour individual sessions package $597: Get individual guidance on how to manage your PCOS while moving away from rigid diets. Sessions include Julie’s downloadable PDF workbook.
  • 6 one hour individual session package $997: Need more than the basics to managing PCOS without diets? This package gives you monthly access to individual support over 6 months. Includes Julie’s downloadable PDF workbook.
  • 3 one hour individual sessions + PCOS and Food Peace Course Premium Package $1197: Get individual access to support from Julie and lifetime access to her PCOS and Food Peace course. Get the course details here.

Can I file insurance for meetings?

If you are meeting with Julie in person or virtually yet live in North Carolina with BCBS, you can file insurance. She is not able to file any other insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.

Can you provide paperwork to help me file with my insurance plan?

Yes, we can provide an itemized receipt to help you file.

What is your cancellation policy?

Last minute session cancellations and no shows are a loss for everyone. We bill all appointments not cancelled within 2 business days. This bill cannot be filed with insurance.

What form of payment do you take?

You can pay with cash, check or any major credit card. Payment is due at the beginning of each session.

Can you help me lose weight?

Julie helps all clients find health whether affected by an eating disorder or other medical conditions. Julie does all of this without diets or focus on weight loss. Her research based philosophy asserts the pursuit of weight loss harms health long term and promotes eating disorder relapse. The pursuit of weight loss is the greatest predictor of weight gain and eating disorders. Instead, Julie helps clients shift their goals to measure progress including higher energy levels, less joint pain, more endurance, etc. She hopes this help clarify what we can and cannot do.