Hello there!

I don’t have PCOS and there are some things (more like many things) I will never understand about the experience. 

I really enjoy helping people affected by PCOS and I think it is time for we health care providers to give you more understanding and compassionate direction.

Are you sick of the standard PCOS advice: 

“Just lose weight, eat less, and exercise more…that will fix it.”

Yeah, right.

*Cue the eye roll.*

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I’m sick of it too. I have spent the last 10 years sifting through research and seeking unique training to help your PCOS without the standard weight loss pitch. We know diets don’t work and focusing on the scale sets us up to fail. This goes for anyone including those affected by PCOS.

I have been teaching nutrition without diets to dietetic students since 2002 and was thrilled to meet dietitian-in-training Kimberly Singh. We clicked instantly. She let me know she is passionate about bringing sound evidenced-based nutrition information to the public and wants to be a non-diet dietitian.

And, she has PCOS.

Over the summer you will be hearing Kimberly’s experiences with PCOS as well as evidenced based info to help arm yourself with the most up-to-date research. This special series aims to help you understand PCOS, improve your relationship with food, and advocate for better care.

We are so excited to be blogging and chatting about the PCOS experience all summer long. 

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I would love to read what you want to know more about managing your PCOS while healing body image without diets.