I have PCOS and I know how overwhelming it can be.

Julie Dillon

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I have PCOS and I know how overwhelming it can be.

This article was written by my previous Nutrition Grad Student, Kimmie Singh. She is a fat woman of color who experiences PCOS. You can find out more information about her work now as a dietitian here.


Hello everyone! I’m Kimberly Singh, a nutrition graduate student at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Julie is my mentor, and with her assistance, I will be sharing PCOS information with you throughout the next three months. I’m a pretty typical student that enjoys reading, yoga, and gardening.

I have PCOS, so I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be. 

I understand what it feels like to question what PCOS is and what the best treatment options are. I have always been a very curious person, so I have found it difficult to blindly stick to a treatment plan without understanding how PCOS affects my body. This usually led to endless Google searches about PCOS. As you know, the Internet is a great place, but it never fails to provide mixed messages, especially about PCOS



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Anyone that has visited WebMD knows how quickly medical Google searches can escalate. All of this makes it really difficult to understand what PCOS is and how it affects our bodies.

Now you may be wondering,

Wait, how do I know this series is any better than the other messages?!

Well, I will only be sharing evidence-based research with you all. So, I will take on the task of sifting through all of those mixed messages in order to share information that is supported by high quality research. As research continues, what we understand about PCOS will change and get more concise, so I will share up-to-date information.

Throughout the next three months I hope to help you understand more about your PCOS. I hope to share nutrition information that will nourish you, PCOS knowledge that will empower you, and support that will strengthen you.

I know firsthand how frustrating PCOS can be, but I also know that there is power in understanding our bodies.

I hope that this series will help you work with your PCOS toward Food Peace. More to come!

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