No one understands my PCOS

Julie Dillon

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No one understands my PCOS

This article was written by my previous Nutrition Grad Student, Kimmie Singh. She is a fat woman of color who experiences PCOS. You can find out more information about her work now as a dietitian here.

PCOS can feel isolating.

Many people are uncomfortable discussing sex-specific health conditions, and PCOS is no exception.

There is a stigma around it that creates the illusion that it should be packed away in a shame-filled cloud, only to be discussed under a doctor’s supervision. 

The symptoms related to PCOS-infertility, facial hair, menstrual irregularities, etc. are not always discussed in casual conversations, making PCOS seem like a big bad secret that people don’t want to talk about. However, in reality, PCOS is just another health condition, and infertility, facial hair, and menstrual irregularities are just symptoms.

Treating PCOS and its symptoms like they are inherently different or shameful makes it difficult for people with PCOS to connect.

Can you imagine if allergies were looked upon with the same attitude as PCOS? 


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This shame surrounding PCOS also makes it difficult to find support from other people with PCOS. I believe that a little support goes a long way.

Sometimes this support can come in the form of a friend, therapist, family member, or significant other. I have supportive people in my life, but the people that don’t have PCOS fail to understand what I experience.

Finding support from other people with PCOS can be helpful in sharing experiences, ideas, and encouragement. I also believe that it gives us a chance to learn from one another through our differences and similarities. On an even larger scale, we are stronger when we work together.

Together we can influence the future of PCOS research and treatment.

We can improve our health and medical care. Let’s discuss more ways to help us advocate for ourselves.

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