Planning Snacks that Feel Nourishing

Julie Dillon

As you start back to work, consider packing nourishing snacks to have on hand. Our blood sugar naturally dips between 2 to 4 pm which explains our fatigued Facebook daze about that time. 

Which foods to pack? That’s up to the kinds of foods that help you feel energized as well as satisfied instead of sluggish and sleepy.

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Especially if you are affected by PCOS, I encourage you to consider experimenting with snacks with a protein + carb combo. I enjoy edamame and they conveniently come in individual frozen packs. Pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and be prepared to feel energized!

Other ones to experiment with could include:
  • apple + peanut butter
  • cottage cheese + fruit
  • Medjool dates + string cheese
  • Greek yogurt + granola

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