Podcasts: Food for Your Soul

Julie Dillon

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Podcasts: Food for Your Soul
Love, Food series
Love, Food series

The most meaningful parts of nutrition therapy occur when listening to a dietitian (read: The Food Police) communicate personal permission to enjoy the pleasure of eating and find alternatives to health outside of dieting. I am honored to do this work and in this connection I see clients experience freedom from diet prison. What a thrill to see someone say “FUCK YOU!” to diets and all their BS.

There’s an adjunct to this freedom: I will debut the Love, Food Podcast series sometime this winter. Of course, this podcast cannot replace your dietitian rather they are meant to supplement. Think about streaming energizing food peace directly into your ears between visits.

I have been listening to podcasts for about a year now and find them engaging…much different than reading blogs or watching TV. My podcast binge listening habit blame focuses on the Serial podcast series. Click here if you’d like to check out the series yet be warned: you will be sucked in and forever transformed. (I still can’t decide if Adnan did it and I don’t believe Jay. Let me know what you think after you complete it.)

When I tell folks about my podcast, many wonder what they are. Not a surprise since only 17% of America has listened to a podcast in his or her lifetime. If you’re wondering the same, here’s some info to get your started.

What is a podcast?

My simple definition: Free Netflix for your ears. Official definition: a digital media file, most experienced as audio files. Often these files are in a series you can download to your computer or smartphone. Here’s a short article defining them more.

How do I listen to podcasts?

If you have an iPhone, there’s a purple and white undeletable app where you can get just about any podcast at the touch of a button. Click on the app and on the bottom click on “Top Charts” to find the most popular. You can narrow the search by looking through the categories or by using the Search icon on the bottom right. Consider this Search icon as a Podcast Google and use key words to find folks chatting about your area of interest.

If you don’t have an iPhone, here are six apps to consider for your Android smartphone.

We can also listen to a podcast on our PC or Mac. People who make podcasts host them on their websites for our convenience as well as download them to iTunes or other podcast services like Stitcher.

What will be the best way to listen to the Love, Food series?

My series will be found on iTunes and published every Monday. I will also have access to it here on the blog. I picture you listening while commuting to work, walking the dog, or making dinner. I can’t wait to hear how Love, Food fits into your day! I am known to throw off an F-bomb or two and this series is an uncensored me. Reading this, you may not want to blast it at the office or in front of someone offended by cussing.

How can I contribute a Dear Food letter?

A central part of the series includes you! I will be reading a Dear Food letter where you can ask about personal complicated struggles with food and body. An occasional friend and I will weave solutions. Each episode will end with Food communicating ways to pave a path toward peace.

Although this series cannot provide direct advice like your counselor or dietitian, it can supplement our ways to heal. To give you a sneak peak I will share Episode 001’s Dear Food letter in a future post.

Do you have a Dear Food letter? Email it to me at Julie@JulieDillonRD.com.


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