Poor or unemployed? Maybe its because you are too fat.

Julie Dillon

After reading this article, I feel discouraged by the missed opportunity to help instead of further harm and perpetuate stereotypes. This article reviews recent research suggesting larger women, unlike larger men,  are paid less and more likely to be unemployed.

What a cruel world we live in where a person is still stereotyped as less deserving of compensation or employment because of appearance. I suppose the civil rights movement has yet to sink in.

Instead of recognizing the discrimination, the author suggests larger women should conform and change to avoid the stereotyping. Weight loss tips conclude this article rather than questioning our society’s oppression of larger women.

As I type, I recognize the author lives in this same society as the stereotype. This collective unconscious oppression would be off the radar as an unquestionable normal assumption. So sad for all of us.

Our job: keep talking (loudly!) about size discrimination. Promote Health At Every Size. We may feel like salmon swimming against the stream yet we have the power to plant powerful seeds to change future generations. And equal pay.

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