Positive Body Image in the Media

targetDSWhen my daughter comments on grocery store check out aisle magazine covers and their human-like forms, I tell her the pictures are basically cartoons. My rationale? The cover models aren’t real since a computer made it. With the powers of photoshop and toxic thin ideal, I was all smiles finding this Target ad in my Sunday paper.

Instead of calling out the negative body image promoters (which I will continue to do), I love finding the positives and want them to be celebrated. Target’s ad demonstrates size and ability diversity with a happy not stick thin girl with Down Syndrome. Thank you Target!


Another gem: ModCloth and their spring swimsuit campaign featuring women who work within the company. The models are women of all shapes, weights, heights, and colors.

To help change the toxic thin ideal culture we need to support and congratulate companies doing this. Have you found any campaigns supporting positive diverse body image? Spread the love in comments.