Post-baby weight loss competitions

Julie Dillon

Twisted baby weight loss competitions saturate my eyes within the grocery check out line. I skeptically notice the photoshop/crash diet poses and yearn for glimpses of normal post-baby bodies. 
I couldn’t wait to post this link. I appreciate these celebrities weren’t posing on the cover of a magazine and it is still nice to see what a woman’s body really looks like after creating a person. 
Most celebrity magazines suggest women can lose the weight in 8 weeks, 6 weeks, or even 2 weeks post birth. I don’t think I was able to brush my teeth the first 2 weeks after giving birth let alone endure starvation and endless exercise.
Pregnant women and moms of newborns note 2 things: extreme dieting and overexercising harms your breastfeeding child especially during the first 6 weeks post birth. These behaviors affect the nutritional quality and quantity of breast milk.
Second, most women lose all but 2 pounds of their post-baby weight within one year. Eating mindfully and engaging in movement as desired will help your body do the same. Please trust it and respect the time this vessel needs to recover. It did create a person after all.

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