(198) How do I embrace Intuitive Eating while others say I need to be smaller? (with Shira Rosenbluth)

Have you been told your body is wrong? Recovering into a body that looks different from those you see in your profession? This week’s letter features a higher weight person with aspirations to be on stage, TV, or film. How do you recover while navigating rejection? Listen up as we chat with therapist Shira Rosenbluth about ways to keep moving forward.

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This episode is brought to you by my courses: PCOS and Food Peace and Dietitians PCOS and Food Peace. You CAN make peace with food even with PCOS and I want to show you how.

This episode’s Dear Food letter:

Dear Food,

After being at war with you for as long as I can remember I feel like I’m finally starting to make peace with you. Sometimes my relationship with you is friendly but distant and you’re not really on my mind which is honestly something I never thought would happen. After being bulimic for 10 years I must say I’m impressed. When I was 16 years old I had a doctor who diagnosed me with PCOS and who didn’t believe me when I said I was bulimic and just told me to stop eating carbs. He blamed you for my problem, food. I now realize that you are not the reason I have PCOS and weight loss to cure this condition is basically an exercise in futility.  I don’t find myself binging on carbs anymore as a form of protest. I no longer find myself turning to you to spite that doctor. I have a loving partner after being convinced nobody would love me because of my body size and I’ve been with this person for 3 years. He has helped me really become comfortable with my sexuality especially when we are told that people in larger bodies do not deserve to have sex or even be sexy in general. This is huge to me. 

However, Food, there is one hangup I still have that I feel like you’re stopping me from being able to truly make peace with you. I have wanted to be a model and an actress since I was a little girl. Most of the people who know me will tell you that I talked of little else and that I enjoy being in the limelight and I enjoy being the center of attention. Although the entertainment industry has gotten a lot better in the last 10 years especially as the body positive movement has gotten more mainstream, it is still very difficult being a larger woman in this industry. I have had terrible interactions with photographers while I’ve been trying to build up my portfolio and I was rejected from a fashion show I really wanted to do because my waist size was too big. I ended up making XXX for the first time in years after I got rejected from this show. I am no fool, Food. If you don’t fit the clothes or the costumes, you don’t work. How can I still make peace with you and make peace with my body and still hold on to my dream of being a star?

Show Notes:

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