3 Steps to Guarantee You Are Beach Body Ready in Just Hours

We don’t even have itchy pollen-saturated noses and folks are talking spring, spring break, and getting their body beach ready. In this vein, I have read about many choosing to abstain from whole food groups or macronutrients during their Lenten observance in order to drop some weight in preparation for warmer months. Do you really think Jesus cares what you look like in a two-piece?

Here we believe all bodies are to be respected and have the same rights. I do believe Jesus agrees with us. That includes the right to enjoy warmer weather in any type of bathing suit one chooses. With all that said and done, how does one get beach body ready?

Step 1: Go to a beach near or far.

Step 2: Don’t forget to bring your body.

Step 3: The end.

Throughout the month of March we will be posting, chatting and blogging about body image and how it affects our relationship with food. The #FoodPeaceChallenge can rewrite your relationship with food and can reconnect you to body respect. These experiences promote wide health solutions without shame.

A few years ago I found an ad letting us know we should not be wearing a two-piece bathing suit unless we had dieted. I was not amused. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

The #FoodPeaceChallenge gathers people and professionals rejecting diets. We want to make 2015 diet free! If you are new to the challenge, welcome! and find the Manifesto here. Experience community support by using #FoodPeaceChallenge on Twitter or leave a message in comments.