I can’t love my body at this weight. {Ep 91}

If you make peace with food correctly, will you lose weight? Have you gained weight with intuitive eating so think you are doing it wrong? Or, that it isn’t working? Does going back on a diet feel tempting due to these body changes, even though you know it ultimately isn’t the right path for you? Listen now to hear my tips on how to grapple with this food peace struggle.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Some diets are diets in disguise! They pretend to be non-diets, but they still focus on weight loss and tell us that certain foods are good or bad. Even intuitive eating has been co-opted by the diet industry!
  • Intuitive eating can result in weight loss, weight gain, or sustaining our weight… intuitive eating is not about the weight!! It’s about experiencing health, and letting the weight fall where it may. So if you see someone promoting intuitive eating as a weight loss solution, know that this is a diet in disguise, and not a part of true intuitive eating! Instead, this is a part of diet culture.
  • Our weight will ALWAYS change!!
  • We can’t love ourselves thin.
  • Emotional eating and binge eating does NOT mean that we hate our bodies!
  • Emotional eating and binge eating are a COPING responses… if there was more permission for our bodies to be whatever size they needed to be, there would probably be less binge and emotional eating.
  • If we eliminated dieting and a fatphobic society, binge eating and emotional eating wouldn’t feel as out of control!
  • Be careful who’s advice you take in the intuitive eating world!! Not everyone who claims to be teaching intuitive eating has done the proper training.
  • Only our body knows how much we’re meant to weight, and the more we diet and experience weight cycling, the heavier we get.
  • 95% of people regain weight after each diet, and a third to a half of those individuals will regain MORE weight than they lost… making us ultimately heavier. Weight cycling also results in a reduced metabolism.
  • Intuitive eating and the healing process are NOT at fault for weight gain! Instead, it’s the fault of the initial diet, as well as our natural set point.
  • Work towards body neutrality by acknowledging the fatphobia in our society.
  • Fatphobia moves us away from health!!

Show Notes:

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