Everyone thinks I’m a healthy eater but I’m a fraud.

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Do you ever make your food choices based on what other people might think? Have you ever eaten “for show,” or eaten in ways that aren’t sustainable because of your food reputation? Listen now for some things to try for your own path to food peace and to break out of this pattern.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Sometimes the way we eat, interact with food, and move our body can become our IDENTITY and sense of SELF-WORTH! But we CAN’T get a healthy sense of sense from our food choices.
  • Becoming a dietitian takes a LOT of work, including a ton of science education. Often, people who go into nutrition are intelligent and want to help people! These characteristics are so much more interesting and make up a much bigger part of our identity than our food choices!!
  • In order to heal, it’s time to let go of food as a part of our identity.
  • It’s VERY likely that your friends and family don’t actually think of you in the context of your food, and that this is an identity you’ve created and maintained all on your own!
  • Think about how you actually want people to identify you! Write it down, and keep it on hand for whenever you experience normal eating and feel like your identity is being compromised.
  • Bingeing is often a by-product of rigidity, restriction, or other forms of strict eating.
  • Recovery requires a team approach and a ton of support… find a dietitian near you who specializes in eating disorders and seek out therapy!
  • What is “normal” eating?? Normal eating is balanced, non-restrictive, and nourishing.
  • Our biology, and the drive to eat when we’re restricting, is here to save us!!
  • Symbolic hunger vs. physiological hunger: Sometimes when we follow rigid eating plans, our bodies start screaming for our attention! Depression and anxiety can surface because our physical needs aren’t being met.
  • There’s is science out there supporting why diets and restrictive eating don’t work! Seek it out.

Show Notes:

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