How do I get off the diet ⇢ binge cycle? {guest Judith Matz}

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Are you stuck at diet rock bottom? Do you feel shame about your food behaviors and your body? Are you struggling with the diet/binge cycle, looking for support on this food and body peace journey, and trying to break free from the diet mentality? Listen now for some solutions to these challenges.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • The common experience with food and body struggles is SHAME. That shame can prevent people from getting the help they need!
  • Diet rock bottom: the realization that diets just aren’t going to work anymore.
  • Judith Matz joins to give us a therapist’s perspective!
  • The diet story is always the same, but everyone has their own unique journey. You are not alone!!
  • One comment can lead to a lifelong feeling of shame about the body.
  • People are often stuck in the diet/binge cycle for so long!!
  • By sharing our stories and experiences, we can break out of the shame.
  • Before we start bringing in and stocking up on our forbidden foods, we have to connect with our hunger and fullness cues and rebuild those muscles.
  • When we say we can’t have a food, we are more prone to eating it all!! On the flip side, when we make forbidden foods “normal” and give ourselves permission, they become less special. Those forbidden foods become just like any other!
  • Sometimes we need some help on this journey, whether that’s a group, a therapist, or a dietitian trained in intuitive eating.
  • Food peace is so hard because we live in a world that moralizes food, adheres to the thin ideal, and equates size to health. This work can feel impossible if you don’t have a great support system behind you!
  • Understanding weight stigma is a huge part of this process!! We internalize beliefs about weight and worthiness… letting go of these beliefs about the body can be the hardest part of this process.
  • Weight discrimination hurts everyone, and affects all of us negatively!! It’s a social justice issue that we all have to work hard to change in our culture so that we can find body peace.
  • We pass messages down about food and body to our kids all the time that lead them into the diet/binge cycle, but there are ways to stop this pattern!

Show Notes:

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