The Love Food Podcast Episode 50 with Erica Leon


Can you not remember the last time you ate without being on some kind of diet? Do you feel anxious and preoccupied about your food choices? Do you feel like you use food to escape your life, and avoid intense emotions? Are you consumed by feelings of loneliness, and find yourself trying to use food to fill that hole? Listen now to get some insight on these issues.

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Key Points:

  • Dieting harms us and disconnects us from our own innate wisdom about our health.
  • We associate the word “skinny” with positive attributes, and the word “fat” with negative attributes, but these are FALSE TRUTHS fed to us via toxic diet culture.
  • Erica Leon joins to talk about our cultural ideas around “skinny” and “fat,” and diet culture overall.
  • We often diet to feel in control, but inevitably it does the opposite and makes us feel out of control instead!
  • This pain is so VALID, and our pain surrounding food and our bodies is so, so common.
  • Perfection is not reality!!
  • Using food to cope is an understandable reaction to trauma… but this means that we must tackle the emotional underbelly of our relationship with food.
  • We must let go of dieting, begin to trust our inner wisdom, and understand that all foods fit! This process can cause a lot of uncomfortable emotions to arise, and so having additional mental health support is very important during this process.
  • Dieting, disordered eating, and eating disorders have a function! They allow us to get through trauma, and we cannot discount how important these behaviors are in the context of our journeys.
  • Therapy is such an important adjunctive piece of healing a client’s relationship with food and their bodies, especially when working with a nutrition therapist who may not be able to support clients in that mental health capacity.
  • Our relationship with food is about so much MORE than the food!
  • Discomfort means you’re GROWING!! Keep going…
  • The first step of intuitive eating is to let go of the diet mentality. This can trigger the feeling of being out of control, and having the support of a dietitian in this phase can be super important! This is when we start to tune into our hunger and fullness, explore food in a new way, and observe everything with non-judgmental awareness.
  • Feeling out of control with diets might be the first step away from diets… but this feeling does NOT last forever!
  • Part of this process is rediscovering foods you may have not liked in the past, things you thought you loved that you don’t like anymore, and just feeling it all out by asking yourself questions and reconnecting to your wisdom.
  • You are not alone!!!

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