I feel so much shame around my binge eating and I can’t stop. {Ep 107}

Are you struggling with binge eating? Listen now for my tips to overcome shame and break out of this part of the Food Peace™ journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • People who binge are often overcome with shame, but shame doesn’t promote real and effective change! But there are ways to find Food Peace™ if you’re struggling with binge eating.
  • YOU don’t need to be fixed. The WORLD needs to be fixed!
  • Our eating choices aren’t largely about personal responsibility… it’s bigger than that.
  • Shame contributes to the compulsive feelings we may have around food. If we can cast aside that shame, we can move closer to health. But how do we take away our shame? It starts with embracing ourselves for exactly who we are, and giving ourselves permission.
  • What would happen if you gave yourself permission to binge eat or compulsively eat? Permission and respect will help strip away the shame associated with the behavior.
  • We don’t have to love where we are right now in our body size or our behavior, but we can make room to accept these things and embrace body respect.
  • Your weight doesn’t matter! You can’t tell anything about someone’s health by looking at their body weight.
  • Internalized fatphobia is likely contributing to this shame you’re experiencing with binge eating. That means you need to break down this fatphobia, rather than pursue weight loss for health.
  • Weight loss is not a behavior. We have no long-term control over our weight. The more we try to lose weight, the more disconnected we become from our internal wisdom, the more shame we feel, and the farther from health we get.
  • Our body is WAY more complex than calories-in-calories-out! Food is so much more complex than good food and bad food.
  • Until you feel like you have unconditional permission to eat, ANY nutritional adjustments to our diet won’t stick! Plus, unconditional permission to eat will likely result is a more varied diet, which is more highly correlated with good health.
  • As parents, there are some things we can do to promote healthy eating:
    • Provide a variety of foods.
    • Have consistent meal and snack times to help with predictability.
    • Teach kids the pleasurable side of food.

Show Notes:

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