The Love Food Podcast Episode 57

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Do you live with so much body shame that you’ve contemplated stomach surgeries such as gastric bypass? Are you someone who has already undergone this surgery? Has this surgery only made things with your body more confusing? Do you also deal with PCOS or other complicated health conditions that push weight loss for health? Are you a professional within the dietetics field who also deals with food and body issues? Listen now for some solutions on how to navigate with these various challenges.

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Key Points:

  • Exciting announcement! In September I will be launching my very first online course, dedicated to people who are trying to find food peace while living with PCOS. Sign up for my newsletter to get updates!! And if you deal with PCOS and struggle with food and your body, I want to hear from you! Send me an email at, and let me know what you’d love to see in the course.
  • Dealing with all of these issues related to food is exhausting! Struggling with shame, acceptance, an eating disorder, and much more takes so much energy.
  • You are not a sham, but bariatric surgery as a solution to food peace is a sham.
  • Bariatric surgery is a stomach amputation. It does not have any documented long-term health outcomes, and we do NOT have enough data at this time to suggest that this surgery is a choice that will enhance personal wellness.
  • In any health profession it’s important to have size diversity! Fat dietitians, fat gym teachers, and fat healthcare providers are important. If you want to hear more about this topic, check out Love, Food Episode 8 with Glenys Oyston.
  • Many people who choose to study nutrition that have an eating disorder background pursue it because they hope it will help them learn more about food for the sake of their eating disorder, not because they actually want to be dietitians.
  • Recovery from an eating disorder requires a great recovery team!
  • It is so, so common for dietitians and dietitians in training to seek out their own dietitian. If privacy is an issue, many practitioners work online now as well!
  • Question whether or not being a dietitian is for you! It’s possible that when you find recovery, it may not be something that speaks to you anymore. This can be a hard decision, but you will get through it!
  • Research and data on how to help people who have had bariatric surgery recover from an eating disorder is sparse because it’s a new experience, but it is becoming more common, and there are definitely practitioners out there who can help.
  • REJECTING weight loss is going to be an essential part of the healing process! One cannot heal from an eating disorder while they pursue weight loss!!! When you seek out treatment, make sure your support team is weight neutral. You may even be able to find a Health at Every Size practitioner!
  • People are more likely to experience an eating disorder if they have PCOS.
  • It really isn’t about food… it’s about stigma, shame, and food lies.
  • Don’t give body hate more power!!

Show Notes:

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