The Love Food Podcast Episode 41


Are you working toward eating disorder recovery yet wonder if you have the strength to see it through?? Does your battle toward 100% recovery feel like an impossible dream? Listen now for insight.

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Key Points:

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  • Get out paper and pencil for an exercise!
  • Recovery is messy, unclear, bumpy, weathered not linear or a destination.
  • Our world has not recovered yet.
  • First, learn to live with your biology then how to rewire it.
  • Eating disorder recovery is not a sprint rather a marathon.
  • ED recovery takes usually ~7 to 14 years.
  • Carolyn Costin quote:”Recovery can’t be something you dip your toe in to. For it to be fully felt and completely comprehended, you have to immerse yourself.”
  • We can’t pick and choose parts of recovery to get there. Part of recovery is facing the fear of fat and staying with it if indeed your body needs to be.
  • Size diversity is healthy yet live in a fat-phobic world.
  • Seek out group support to aid in recovery.
  • Health of every size is an approach to attuned eating, movement and body image that does not use the scale as a measure of progress. Size diversity is celebrated and a social justice issue. img_7553

Show Notes:

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