How does your body like to move?

The human body was meant to move. Yours included. I am not saying we all need to be on that silly treadmill or elliptical counting calories burned.

I am coming from a completely different place.

You have a type of movement your body enjoys, craves, and looks forward to experiencing. This movement feels good and maybe has some challenge. You may or may not sweat. And, here’s the kicker, this movement is done because it makes you thrive. You will feel alive in this movement and it empowers your body image.

What is your movement?

If you are coming up without an answer I think some important things are in the way. Our society has trained us to believe exercise is made to be a part of the calories in/calories out equation saturated with no pain no gain clichés. You have learned exercise doesn’t count unless you sweat and hurt. More often than not, exercise ends up a dichotomous experience instead of pleasurable. How many times have you joined a gym, started a new training program, committed to a boot camp…only to stop sooner than you planned? If this sounds familiar, you haven’t found the movement that is your movement.

How can you connect or reconnect to your movement? Stop looking into fitspiration and rewire your brain to consider movement outside of your food intake. First, step: stop calling it exercise and get used to calling this activity movement. That will reset your brain to consider it pleasurable instead of punishment. Then find something fun that feels good. Make it social if you want more of that. Make it individual if that energizes you instead.

Watch this video. I have watched it several times and each time I feel stronger and more empowered to experience my energetic body. I hope it provides you inspiration to find movement your body enjoys. This can bring you peace and health.

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