The Love Food Podcast Episode 51


Have you hit diet rock bottom? Do you feel ready for self-love and food peace, but still feel like food is your number one enemy? Are you just plain scared of food, and terrified to abandon the diet mentality and finally embrace health at every size? Listen now for some tips on how to move forward.

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Key Points:

  • Reflections on National Dieting Month (January), my hashtag project, #foodpeace, and my weekly Food Peace Newsletter!
  • Diet rock bottom: the understanding that diets don’t work! … but it can be a tough and lonely place.
  • The New Year shenanigans: dieting and “self-improvement” can run rampant during this time of the year, and it can easily suck you back into the diet mentality.
  • Dieting is seductive because it shows the world that you “have your shit together,” especially if you “succeed” in losing the weight. It makes you feel in control of your life… but this is a sham! It’s a fantasy. Dieting is not sustainable, and weight loss is not sustainable.
  • How do you define “healthy” for you? Does it include yo-yo dieting, food and weight obsession, or social isolation? These habits do not promote lifelong health, happiness, or wellbeing. We need to redefine what healthy living means, and that definition may be very different from the definition we’ve been fed our whole lives.
    • My definition of healthy living: Living a life that’s connecting to others, to experiences, to challenges, and to joy; engaging in kind, intuitive choices; choosing self-compassion.
  • “There’s no way a long-term solution to health includes ignoring or punishing your hunger.” – Julie
  • Self-compassion is key when reflecting back on any of our food choices. When healing from diet culture, we’re going to make mistakes… LOTS of them. We must approach these with compassion and understand that it’s a part of the process.
  • Our world is one that promotes dieting as normal eating.
  • Recovery from dieting is going to take about a year or more, and the involvement of any kind of eating disorder will lengthen this process considerably, so give yourself the time to heal!
  • Choosing not to diet is NEVER the same as letting yourself go!!! It is letting yourself BE. It is giving yourself the opportunity to experience joy, compassion, and wellbeing.
  • Food is not the enemy. Instead, it should promote nourishment, health, connection, and peace.

Show Notes:

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