Love Food Podcast Episode 19: How can I make peace with food when I work with it all day long?

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Making peace with food and body is tough work yet what if you work in the food industry? Is there a way to have a career that is food related AND learn how to heal? Julie thinks the struggle with food begins with the struggle with weight. Dive in and listen now for solutions for you.

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Key Points:

  • Julie and Jennifer McGurk will be speaking at FNCE 2016 on the Hidden Faces of Eating Disorders. Rebecca Scritchfield RD will be introducing us. Will you be there?? Stop by and say hi!
  • Having a job in the food industry, Julie included, can be taxing on our relationship with food. Julie calls it an occupational hazard. Be sure to enjoy time outside of activities around food. A therapist and dietitian can also help.
  • Struggle with accepting weight is fueling the obsession.
  • Julie was not shocked by the Biggest Loser New York Times study. The research results indicate we need to stop pursuing weight loss. Does that mean we let ourselves go? No. It means we let ourselves be.
  • What if your weight is not a problem??
  • “Weight becomes a problem because it is viewed as one.” ⇠Julie LOVES this quote from Jonah Soolman.
  • What if you don’t want to stay at your certain size? Unfortunately, we don’t have a diet, plan, lifestyle change that promotes long-term safe weight loss for the majority. More exception than the rule. There isn’t anything that will promote weight loss long-term.
  • Continuing to “work on it” or dieting will only harm health.
  • Those who work in the food industry, Julie is curious if your struggle with food and bad body thoughts brought you to this career choice. Body respect work may alter one’s career choices??
  • How do you stop thinking about food? You can’t since we need it as humans. First, make peace with the struggle and your current body size.

Show Notes:

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