How do I get my family to understand my Food Peace™ journey? {Ep 98 with Carolyn Ross}

Are the people around you supportive of your food peace journey? Have you found a better way with intuitive eating, but are coming up against a roadblock with family and friends? Listen now for some tips on how to approach this part of the food peace journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Making peace with food is RADICAL! It’s truly a political act, and this can cause issues within our family relationships.
  • Health is about FLEXIBILITY!!
  • Dr. Carolyn Ross joins us to talk about the family, and how to manage family members who try to be our food police.
  • Food rules contribute to the development of eating disorders, especially if there’s a perceived “weight problem.”
  • Make sure not to go too long without eating throughout the day, and add some movement into your life to enhance how your body feels!
  • Intercept questions about your food choices and your body size by making some healthy boundaries. Let them know you’re working on things with a doctor or dietitian, and leave it at that.
  • You’re allowed to be angry! Feel your feelings, and don’t feel like you have to push them down to appease family members.
  • Remember, many of us struggle with internalized fatphobia. Be sure to address this with a treatment provider so that you can work through it!
  • Our weight research is super biased!! You can be healthy at any size… it depends on our BEHAVIORS, not our weight.
  • Research shows that the healthiest weight you can be is “slightly overweight!!”
  • The medical profession changes slowly and shifts in the medical community take time. The status quo will change eventually!
  • Permission promotes health, and shame only brings us down.

Show Notes:

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