Love Food Podcast Ep 028: I’m too damaged to make peace with food (Christy Harrison)

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Have you ALWAYS had a complicated relationship with food? Did you learn at an early age how to cope with your emotions using food and cannot imagine living a life with food peace? This episode is for you! Julie and her guest Christy Harrison from the podcast Food Psych discuss possible solutions.

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Key Points:

  • You are NOT too damaged to heal your relationship with food.
  • Remember and appreciate the functionality of food bringing a way to cope with chaos and trauma.
  • Appreciate the subtle hungers.
  • Humans are adaptive.
  • Find professionals who are body positive, understand eating disorders and a trauma specialist.
  • Food may be like a security blanket. Before yanking it away, be curious about why the coping mechanism is there…that’s where the healing begins.
  • Self compassion is the foundation for food peace.
  • Your cravings for disordered eating may be from an unmet need. What was just happening? What do I really need?

Show Notes:

  • Your Child’s Weight by Ellyn Satter

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