The Love Food Podcast Episode 60 with Adrien Paczosa

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Are you worried you’re doing intuitive eating wrong? Does listening to your intuition around food choices make you concerned for your health? Do you just feel a little bit lost and confused with this whole intuitive eating thing? Listen now for some solutions for these struggles.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Perfectionistic tendencies can make embracing a more flexible way of eating, such as intuitive eating, a difficult adjustment.
  • Part of the intuitive eating process is craving foods that have previously been off-limits… these foods tend to be fun foods, such as french fries or cookies!
  • Eventually food will feel calm, fun, and not as exciting. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!
  • Adrien Paczosa of iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy joins to talk about perfectionism and intuitive eating.
  • Mom’s don’t get enough credit!!
  • There’s no good/bad or right/wrong way to do intuitive eating or recovery.
  • Social media can trap us into the idea of needing to be perfect.
  • It takes time to understand intuitive eating, and to really understand the process including our own hunger and fullness cues. There is always so much extra noise getting in the way from diet culture… so the first step really is to shut all that stuff out!
  • We need to gives ourselves PERMISSION not to be perfect, and understand that sometimes intuitive eating can feel really great, or not so great. That’s just a part of the experience!
  • Cravings come in all shapes and sizes, fun foods and “healthy” foods. We can’t judge either kind of craving, and we must grant ourselves permission for both.
  • Sometimes permission can make you feel out of control, especially when we’re first starting out. This is when an eating disorder or intuitive eating dietitian can come in handy, as they can help guide you through all the twists and turns.
  • Everything is an EXPERIMENT!!
  • Adrien and I talk about the importance of learning about private practice as dietitians exploring a non-diet approach.

Show Notes:

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