(131) Did my body size cause this?

Have you ever been made to feel like you are to blame for a medical condition like diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure or gestational diabetes? More specifically, have you been told that your body size has caused you to experience a particular condition? If so, you are not alone. Listen along as Julie Dillon helps unpack the unfair stereotypes often associated with being in a higher weight body.

Episode’s Key Points:

  • The label of “obesity” as a disease is problematic.
  • Being at a higher weight is unfairly associated with many stigmas and misconceptions. For example, anorexia nervosa at a higher weight is actually the most common way to experience it.
  • Weight is just one anthropometric measurement like blood pressure, temperature, etc. It doesn’t mean it causes any condition/disease but rather could indicate that we need to dig deeper for a root issue.
  • No one is to blame for their body size nor is one’s body size something to feel shame about. Simply being alive means we are valuable and worthy.
  • Intuitive eating can be utilized by everyone, no matter their body size or any conditions they may be experiencing.

Show Notes:

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