Love Food Podcast Ep 004: I’m too ashamed of my body to go to the gym

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A woman wants to exercise yet feels so uncomfortable in her larger body. She’s too embarrassed for the gym, pools, and classes but she wants to exercise and move her body. She hopes Food can help her find the confidence to go to gym classes and a way to eat with enjoyment again. Can you relate??

I phone a friend, Debra Benfield to help out Uncomfortable Wanna-Be Gym Rat and she speaks about magic carpets and ways to stay connected to promote health and peace.

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Key Points

  • During season 2 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Julie was Whitney Thore’s dietitian. Whitney experienced similar body shame to the letter writer and found her way back to movement in her larger body.
  • The letter writer is connected to her body in a health promoting way even though feeling negatively about it…keep connected to that!
  • The fear of judgement is powerful and in yoga, in it’s most basic sense, is about leaving judgement at the door. Separating what others think about her and what she thinks will be key on and off the mat.
  • Weight oppression
  • Yoga modifications: start with not add later. Goal is challenge and ease not pain. Downward facing puppy to downward facing dog.
  • Our bodies let us know when it is time to move and trust it that is so much better than rules and regulations
  • Debra and Julie will be the last people on earth without FitBits…why??


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