(2) Sophie Carter-Kahn on googling the diagnosis and finding your path

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My health keeps me from Food Peace {Ep 93 with Anna Sweeney}

Do you have a health condition that’s complicated your food peace journey? Listen now for some expert perspective on how to navigate this food peace challenge.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Come find me at FNCE!
  • Trying to heal our relationship with food while struggling with a health condition can be SO hard! Too many health conditions tangle up weight with health, and this can make food peace EVEN HARDER to achieve.
  • Anna Sweeney joins us to talk about finding food peace with a chronic health condition!
  • We’re allowed to love food!! Food is AWESOME, and we’re supposed to love it!
  • Watch kids eat to see a purely intuitive, blissful experience with food.
  • Having a positive experience with food is often met with concern, and THAT is the problem, NOT your love of food!
  • We’re told that we shouldn’t trust our body from a young age… but that isn’t true! Our body WANTS us to be successful humans, and it’s NOT trying to sabotage us.
  • We need to move away from this fear mongering space around food and body.
  • It’s time to unlearn diet culture in order to recover from disordered eating!
  • ANY body that’s not being appropriately nourished (including satisfaction!) is super likely to have difficult gastric experiences. So it isn’t about changing our diet… it’s about making peace with food! The only way to heal our gut is with appropriate nutrition.
  • Following any sort of diet DISCONNECTS us from our internal wisdom. The body lets us know what feels good and what doesn’t!
  • Choose your un-teachers wisely.

Show Notes:

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