The Love Food Podcast Episode 55

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Do you feel that you’ve made peace with food, but are still struggling to make peace with your body? Have you gained weight on your anti-diet, intuitive eating journey, and are now trying to work through your emotions related to this weight gain? Are you feeling a loss from letting go of dieting? Listen now for some ways to get started on body peace and diet mourning.

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Key Points:

  • National Dieting Month has reached its end! CHEERS!
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  • For those of you early on in your intuitive eating journey, this letter writer lets us know that part of intuitive eating is learning that eating past fullness is uncomfortable, and therefore it just isn’t something we usually do when we have a healthy relationship with food. Sometimes we eat past fullness to be sure, it happens! But that isn’t the norm, and it doesn’t fill us with guilt anymore when we do eat past fullness.
  • Recovery takes time… it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Connecting to your body can feel unsafe or uncomfortable in early recovery, so be patient when trying to tap into your intuition.
  • Healthy eating includes flexibility!!
  • The only way to learn how to rely on your own hunger, fullness, and satiety cues is trial and error.
  • Intuitive eating = mindful eating = attuned eating.
  • You are allowed to eat things JUST BECAUSE. Unconditional permission to eat is a super important part of intuitive eating, but it can be the scariest!
  • Sometimes through intuitive eating we find that foods we were obsessed with during our disordered days are foods that we actually don’t even like.
  • There is often a mourning process when we let go of dieting because dieting sells us the lie of a perfect, happy life. But don’t avoid that grief! Feel what you’re experiencing, and remember that this feeling won’t last forever.
  • Seek out leaders in the body acceptance community to help you work through this grief.
  • The next step is embracing the social justice aspect of diets, and fighting for marginalized groups in the body peace movement.

Show Notes:

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