Love Food Podcast Episode 7: A wounded eater craving normal eating

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There’s no such thing as a perfect eater so making mistakes is a part of normal eating. What if you were raised to believe larger bodies are disgusting or eating is to be controlled? Then what? When the mind and society expect eating perfection, how can someone become a normal eater? This week’s letter writer asks Food to help point out her path to healing.

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Key Points:

  • The longest relationship we will have on earth is the relationship with ourselves. How we feed ourselves is important to our health and quality of life. Therefore our relationship with food is important to heal.
  • Nutrition science is a fluid science.
  • Another shout out to Ellyn Satter and her awesomeness. This time, we hear her definition of Normal Eating.
  • Hear how Julie defines Eating Disorder recovery and why she believes you can 100% recover!
  • Our family of origin’s belief on size and food behavior can get in the way of normal eating. Normal eating includes mistakes and trusting our body. Teaching size discrimination will keep us from trusting our hunger and fullness cues. It teaches us to rely on dieting and disordered eating.
  • Disordered eating is society’s normal eating *Julie pouts*.
  • Picking out 1 or 2 new foods to try each week will help your brain and taste buds get more comfortable with normal eating.
  • The only FDA approved medications for eating disorders are foods.
  • Looking to become a normal eater? Find other normal eaters! And, it may impact your family and friends to also become normal eaters.
  • Patience and acceptance will help you move forward to healthy normal eating.

Show Notes:

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