How do I change my eating without restricting? (Episode 119 with Vincci Tsui)

Have diabetes, high cholesterol, a food intolerance or PCOS and been told to cut something out of your regular eating? Have you finally rejected diet culture and found food peace, but are struggling with gentle nutrition? Are you concerned that changing your food choices due to health concerns might lead you back to restriction and deprivation? Listen now as special guest, Vincci Tsui, and I break down this part of the Food Peace™ journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Nutrition is NOT an exact science!! It’s a fluid concept, and very individual.
  • Vincci Tsui joins us to chat about gentle nutrition and intuitive eating!
  • Finding the balance between gentle nutrition and diet mentality can be so hard. Too much of the nutrition information out there is so tainted with diet culture!
  • What even is gentle nutrition? It’s less about food rules, and more about what makes our bodies feel good. It’s all about our INTENTION!
  • Nutrition is super individual! Your own experience with certain foods is way more important than what the current research says.
  • There are way too many books out there that claim to be non-diet, but still perpetuate diet culture and the thin ideal. It’s so hard to escape it! So be careful with the anti-diet media that you consume, and decide for yourself which parts of these books and films are helpful, and which parts are harmful. Rely on your intuition to tell you which is which!
  • It’s about what works for YOU! The research may give us some parameters, but we need to rely on our own body cues to figure out what actually works for us. It’s literally about experimenting on ourselves.
  • You can incorporate foods that are typically considered “diet foods” without them being about dieting and weight loss. It’s about making choices out of self-care! When the intention is different, it makes ALL the difference.

Show Notes:

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