Love Food Podcast Episode 29: I feel ugly.

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Do you work in the entertainment industry and struggle with your body image? At times you may feel unacceptable yet what if it’s them not you? Listen now for solutions.

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Key Points:

  • PCOS and Food Peace Course set to begin in Greensboro. Give me a call (336.273.2808 x 0) if you’d like to attend this in person only event.
  • Are you looking for acceptance in your body’s appearance? The way this letter writer defines an acceptable body does not fit her DNA.
  • This is reinforced with the media’s discrimination and pressure for all to lose weight. This is wrong on so many levels.
  • Problem: didn’t see other women who looked like you. Julie wonders if this letter writer’s body size more like dad’s side of the family rather than mom’s side.
  • Problem: if more like dad’s body shape/size, he said he “struggled” with his weight which is code for didn’t accept it.
  • Do you feel unacceptable for taking up too much space??
  • Do you feel anger, frustration that feels endless? This mimics the body image struggles and symbolic of feminist issues.
  • You have permission to take up your space…whatever that is.
  • Redefine what an acceptable body is for you and everyone else.
  • Describe feelings as ugly?? Julie struggles with that description of normal experiences.

Show Notes:

  • Body Respect: What conventional health books get wrong, leave out, and just plain fail to understand about weight by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphamor

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Positive Body Image in the Media

targetDSWhen my daughter comments on grocery store check out aisle magazine covers and their human-like forms, I tell her the pictures are basically cartoons. My rationale? The cover models aren’t real since a computer made it. With the powers of photoshop and toxic thin ideal, I was all smiles finding this Target ad in my Sunday paper.

Instead of calling out the negative body image promoters (which I will continue to do), I love finding the positives and want them to be celebrated. Target’s ad demonstrates size and ability diversity with a happy not stick thin girl with Down Syndrome. Thank you Target!

Another gem: ModCloth and their spring swimsuit campaign featuring women who work within the company. The models are women of all shapes, weights, heights, and colors.

To help change the toxic thin ideal culture we need to support and congratulate companies doing this. Have you found any campaigns supporting positive diverse body image? Spread the love in comments.