Love Food Podcast Episode 21: My doctor says I need to lose weight to get treatments

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Have you been told you can’t get fertility treatments, or any other medical treatments, until you lose weight? What if you know the pursuit of weight loss just leads to more poor health especially for you? Acknowledge the rock and hard place yet there is a way through. Listen on for insight.

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Key Points:

  • I recorded this podcast on my 41st birthday and I am incredibly grateful to have the honor to be in your ears right now.
  • Thank you dietitians for sharing this podcast with your clients. I appreciate your confidence in my work!
  • All NC ED RDs, email me so you can meet up at the next IFEDD dinner.
  • Intuitive Eating can help you heal your relationship with food and the intent does not include the pursuit of weight loss.
  • New to intuitive eating will make you have lots of excitement and fear. This will be terrifying! This doesn’t last forever as long as you continue to move forward. When you experience it, call it out as just a part of the transition.
  • The start of a diet is a seductive fantasy and has a calming effect. Intuitive eating may feel similar in the beginning yet a typical buzz kill. This doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Hold on! It has just begun.
  • Trying to control food will promote a tug of war and counteract the pursuit of food peace. Notice when it happens and remind yourself this happens because of the long term diet experiences.
  • IF you held your breath, you would take gasps for air. Same happens with foods and the types we restrict once given permission.
  • Mutually conclusive idea that losing weight = more health. If you’ve been heavy your whole life then probably what supposed to weigh.
  • Weight cycling hurts health and harms ovulation by increasing insulin levels.
  • If told have to lose weight in order to get fertility treatments, ask health care providers to show you the data. Further, show me the data on which type of diet that will help me long term. Put up or shut up!
  • Diets are the only medical intervention that places blame on the person rather than the intervention. Humph.
  • Be sure more people are on your side while exploring food peace. This may mean working with a therapist, dietitian, and get a second opinion from a fat-positive medical provider.
  • Your body has the wisdom and this outside noise will keep you from it.

Show Notes:

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