Why can’t I promote self-compassion AND weight loss? {Ep 106 with Charlotte Caperton-Kilburn}

Are you wondering how you can balance pursuing joyful movement with finding Food Peace™? Listen now as my guest for this week, Charlotte Caperton-Kilburn, and give our suggestions.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Bodies change, and we have to let the body be where it needs to be! Following through with certain health behaviors might result in weight loss, but it might not… you never know, and so the goal can’t be weight loss.
  • Let’s talk about metabolism: when you normalize your eating habits, your metabolism is in a better place, and your body can get to exactly where it wants to be.
  • We have to honor our hunger and our fullness! This allows our body to regulate itself.
  • If you want to incorporate movement into your life, that’s great! Just make sure it’s something you actually enjoy, and make sure you’re doing it as a form of self-care rather than as a form of compensation or punishment. And make sure you’re eating enough to fuel these forms of movement!
  • Chronic dieting really messes up our metabolism and equilibrium! But when we establish a sense of consistency with our food and movement, we help our bodies find a nice balance.
  • Don’t worry, moving away from the weight-loss paradigm won’t mess up your business in the long term! Clients can see that their health improves over time without the weight loss, and you can help keep them on track with a Health at Every Size approach.
  • Get off the fence! Make your anti-diet approach clear to your clients from the get-go.

Show Notes:

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