Alive and Well Podcast: A Healthy Perspective on Nutrition

Hello there! I was recently interviewed as a guest on the Alive & Well podcast regarding nutrition and health promoting ways to think about the food we eat. You can listen to the podcast here: or scroll below for the highlights 🙂 I hope it provides more mojo for your Food Peace journey.

A few main points that were discussed:

  • You’re not failing the diet, the diet is failing you.<— Such a key point!!
  • The keys to health are the food peace journey and intuitive eating. <—Not dieting!
  • It’s important to give yourself unconditional permission to eat. <—-It’s not letting yourself go. It’s letting yourself BE!

Highlights of the podcast include:

The Food Peace Journey

“So many people believe that if they’re not dieting, they’re letting themselves go. That’s simply not the case. We’re all born knowing what to eat and how much, but we lose that along the way.”

“The journey usually feels more like counseling than a diet regimen. It’s about helping us understand why we view food the way we do.”

“Intuitive eating is a big piece of this as well. It’s simply finding a way to rely on your own hunger and fullness cues and establishing ways outside of eating to cope with emotions, while also having permission to eat what you want.”

Losing Weight as a Part of the Food Peace Journey

“Weight loss isn’t a behavior and it’s not the goal of the journey, which is hard for a lot of people to accept. Some people’s body weight, as they make peace with food, really won’t change much. We have to get to a place where we respect that our bodies may not change even when we’re living a healthy lifestyle.”

Navigating the Unconditional Permission to Eat

“Unconditional permission to eat scares a lot of people. The more our brain is exposed to a food, the less our brain gets excited about it. Our brain is always rooting for us to have a variety of foods so when we get used to a certain food, we no longer crave it. That’s why we generally don’t want to eat the same food multiple days or weeks in a row.”

“Relationships are equally or more important than the food you eat, so when you keep yourself from eating food and generate a craving for it, you give it more power than it should have.”

Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders for Women in Mid-Life

“Eating disorders do not only affect young women. Many, many women begin an unhealthy view of food and eating disorder midway through life, or around 45 years of age.”

“These eating disorders are often caused by big life changes such as moving, divorce, or a change in career. Thirteen percent of women in midlife experience the effects of some sort of eating disorder.”

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