After the Letters Project

Weekly mini episodes episodes to help you along your
Food Peace journey!

Want more ways to experience Food Peace?

Craving more after each Love Food Podcast episode? Me too. I am always wanting to say more and dive deeper. There are topics that deserve nuance discussion and time to sift through.

Want to support the Love Food Podcast?

I have T H E best listeners in podcast land! You have been incredibly supportive since I launched the podcast back in 2016. Many of you have left a rating, review, shared the episodes and listen to every single one. Your confidence in me while partnering with you is so valuable to me.

I have gotten messages over the years from listeners like you who have wanted to financially support the show and other Food Peace projects. I am scaling back my one on one client time to devote more space and bandwidth to writing, speaking, and podcasting.

To support these new creations, I have started the After The Letters Project!

What are the details?

Every week I release a mini-episode exploring a common Food Peace stumbling block. I release these via Patreon and they get sent directly to you via email. The After The Letters Project also includes a free Food Peace download and early access to my weekly Love Food Podcast episodes.

To gain access, check out my Patreon page at You will see there are different support tiers according to how much you can invest in the show.

Tier One: Food Peace Promoter $3/month

Listen for the same price as a cup of joe without the caffeinated jitters! My thank you: your own copy of my 6 Keys to Food Peace download.

Tier Two: $10 I’ve Counted My Last Point

Gain access to the 6 keys to Food Peace download AND get to listen to Love Food a day BEFORE everyone else.

Tier Three: $29/month After The Letters Project

Gain access to the download and early Love Food releases PLUS my weekly After the Letters exclusive podcast. Every week I will release an answer to hand selected questions to help along your journey away from diets!

Tier Four: $50/month Body Liberation Rally

Gain access to what’s included in all the other tiers PLUS get your first and last name in each future episode’s show notes as co-executive producer. Take that diet culture!!

So there you have it! One million downloads later I am still creating Love Food Podcast episodes and want to keep on it! This Patreon account will allow me the ability to pay for my audio engineer, time to record, equipment, and hosting. For those who have financial access to support Love Food, thank you! And, please only donate if you have financial access. Even if you can’t contribute, listening and sharing the show helps the show grow and I am eternally grateful.

I would love your support on this part of my work. By being my patron you will help me financially keep going with my Food Peace projects. Please know all your support is appreciated!