My Top 5 Tips to Manage Your PCOS Without Dieting

Are you or is someone you know affected by PCOS? I have some bonus episodes for you! Listen now for the second bonus episode all about my top 5 tips for managing your health with PCOS without dieting.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Did you miss the first Love, Food PCOS Bonus episode? Check it out now!
  • You’re not a failure! You’ve been given the WRONG tools to help manage your health with PCOS.
  • Most people with PCOS are given a pamphlet that gives a one-size-fits-all solution… but this doesn’t work with PCOS! PCOS affects EVERY cell in your body, which means that a holistic approach to management is crucial. It can affect your mental health, hormone levels, and SO much more! It’s complicated!!
  • There’s really a lack of research around PCOS out there, and most healthcare providers have NO CLUE how complicated PCOS can be. That means you need to be your best advocate!
  • Solutions to your health shouldn’t be agonizing! They shouldn’t hurt!! That’s why I don’t recommend dieting, and I promise you that my solutions will NOT make you feel miserable.
  • I didn’t always know that diets don’t work. It took me working in the field and digging in the research for YEARS before I really got it. Diets predict weight GAIN, not weight loss, and people with PCOS are even MORE likely to experience that weight regain (this has to do with insulin levels, testosterone, and inflammation… listen to the show to get the details on the science!).
  • Pursuing weight loss should NOT be the primary treatment for PCOS! I’ve learned so much over the years working with women with PCOS (including Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life), and I have the training to help people manage the condition WITHOUT diets.
  • My top 5 tips to take charge of your health with PCOS:
    • Stop being a slave to the scale.
    • Put diets on the back-burner. The diets just increase inflammation and make you feel AWFUL! It’s time to put them down.
    • Don’t ignore your cravings, mood changes, or weight gain (AKA the symptoms of PCOS)! Say hello to them, and consider that they’re trying to tell you something important.
    • You are the expert of your body!
    • Explore self-compassion. Get rid of the should’s and rewrite them to support you!

Show Notes:

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