The Love Food Podcast episode 39


Are you at diet rock bottom and longing for food peace yet feel just as stuck in things like mindful eating and intuitive eating? Do you experience more shoulds and rigid rules within tools meant to release your complicated relationship with food? Can you escape rule prison? Yup. You can. Listen now for insight.

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Key Points:

  • Editor’s note: This episode 39 needed to be released a week behind episode 40 because it wasn’t quite ready. I’m trying to be ok with the break in numbering and hope you can be too.
  • Mindful eating can be twisted to be harmful rather than health promoting and compassionate.
  • Mindfulness’s foundation: a compassionate nonjudgemental presence. Being in the moment and noticing brain messages, feelings, etc.
  • Shoulding leads to dieting.
  • Watch out for the hybrid: mindful dieting.
  • Mindfulness connected to dieting, pursuit of weight loss, or “right” way then twisting mindfulness to make it no longer mindful.
  • How to change?
    • Compassionate nonjudgemental curiosity. Center on this concept. Be aware of judgements and notice them too without judging. Normal and natural especially living in a fat body.
    • Practice pausing. Decide what you’d really like it to be as a grown up and in charge of yourself.
    • Healthy eating includes pleasure. Honor this pleasure. Learn to be ok with it.
  • “When you take the joy out of eating, nutrition suffers.” Ellyn Satter RD LCSW
  • Jinx experiences = personalization

Show Notes:

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