(125) I feel guilty when I eat (with Amanda Martinez Beck)

Do you ever feel guilt for eating certain foods? Do you fear judgement about what other people will think about your body or food choices? Do you ever catch yourself labeling food “good” or bad?” Are you finding it difficult to feel at home in your aging body? Listen along to this week’s episode as Amanda Martinez Beck helps provide meaningful reflection.

Episode’s Key Points:

  • Special guest: Amanda Martinez Beck, co-host of the Fat and Faithful podcast
  • Typically, we feel shame when we feel as though we have failed at meeting some type of expectations.
  • When processing body shame, it is often helpful to turn the conversation to, “What is the purpose of my body?” and being able to shift our understanding of its purpose from being a means to control life’s uncertainties to being a bridge of connection to other people.
  • Quote to live by: “All bodies are good bodies”–because all types of bodies can form connections with others.
  • Our aging bodies tell our stories and reflect ours and our ancestors’ journeys.

Show Notes:

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