Can food cure me? (Episode 120)

How many times have you read about someone curing their diabetes or PCOS with food? Feel frustrated you can’t too?? Listen to latest Love Food Podcast episode for ways to move forward while healing your relationship with food and your body.

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The transcribed episode can be found here.

Episode’s Key Points:

  • Do you have a long history of dieting in your efforts to control or cure a medical condition or to just feel like you fit in within our society?
  • Many of the medical conditions we experience are blamed on ourselves. You are not to blame! Food is not to blame! These conditions are often genetically-based and incurable.
  • The “Shoulds” imposed on us by society lead to guilt, shame, and distrusting our innate wisdom that we all have for identifying our body’s needs
  • Diet seduction/”Should Eat Fantasy Compliance” is commonly experienced upon embarking on a new diet as we feel like we are moving towards meeting societal body standards. However, this distracts us from the destructive nature of dieting.
  • Research shows that diets do not work long-term and they predict weight gain and exacerbate many of the markers of medical conditions. So, why do diets continue to be sought out? Fat Phobia, White Supremacy, and Misogyny. We want to feel accepted, safe, and at home in our own skin. This is completely understandable. However, we don’t need to be fixed and our bodies don’t need to be fixed. Rather, society needs to be fixed.
  • Connecting with fat activists is an important step in dismantling the “Should Eat Fantasy Compliance” and fat phobia.

Show Notes:

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